About My Artwork


First I will speak of “light” as this is what inspires me most in oil painting… Light or absence of light permeates everything… it is over, under, around and through each soul, each person, each leaf, each object , whether with life or otherwise. Light can radiate from within, it can transform and it can illuminate. Lack of light can plunge one into darkness; it can depress and it can cause you to rest, among other things. Light and shadow can animate an object… just look at a sunrise or a sunset; see how it makes you feel! This is about what I am trying to express to you through the ancient medium of oil painting… a sense, a feeling, a uniquely different perspective; a certain happiness, if you will. A something you would like to keep, to take home with you or perhaps even cherish.

Secondly; I have spent many years honing my skills as an artist; experimenting with each canvas because there are no set ways to capture what I am trying to create with paints.
It is mainly that I have a vision and to set it down on a certain sized surface with a brush or pallet knife and even with my fingers the process goes through much trial and error before it even comes close and synchronizes into being close as to what I am trying to express. I put a great deal of myself into my paintings as many artists in their own right, also do and so In many ways I learned, that each painting of whatever genre, is a self portrait of the human creating it.

I do paint other genres but landscape painting in oil on canvas is another of my inspirations. Wild and untamed areas of land or waters, an seemingly untouched woodland; trees and forests and nature just appeal to my senses so much! I believe these seemingly untouched areas represent freedom to me in a way; maybe, the way life should be? The areas I am trying to describe are just teaming with life. Life still unfettered by the encroachment of civilization.

A true story: One early morning as I walked along Elm Street, I saw a tree on the sidewalk near the street. This tree was just bathed in morning sunlight and suddenly I gave a small gasp because to me the tree was so totally beautiful… I knew in an instant so wholeheartedly how I just wanted to paint. In just as quick an instant, in my mind I knew that I could never paint anything as beautiful as God had created.

Please enjoy my work.

Warmly, Jandi