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Palmistry is an age old tradition that I took a liking to back around 1978. I am self taught and really enjoy reading for people.

My intuition is very well developed and gives me what some call "a sixth sense". This can prove very useful in finding answers to your questions, whether they be of a practical or metaphysical order.

I combine this Gift with the science of palm reading where I will observe the color and texture of your hands; the length and shape of the fingers, the finger nails; the shape of your hands as well as the lines, thumbs and mounts. Looking at both hands and determining the dominant and passive hand, Janice will compare both hands. For timed individual readings, Donnelly offers either a fifteen minute reading, a half hour reading or longer which is your preference. Cost is determined through the length of the reading that you choose. For the shorter palm readings, she concentrates more on the dominant hand which is the hand you use to write with. Still thorough and accurate but a shorter length of time.

Please keep in mind, that hands and lines change as you do. I try to be as accurate as possible but a reading with me is potential. My words are not set in stone. You have the ability, choice and will power to change anything you do not like, within reason.

Blessed with a dollop of mediumship, during your spiritual palm reading, Janice will often times connect with Spirit to offer you a well rounded and as thorough a reading as possible.

I sincerely wish you to be well and happy, and I am grateful for the opportunity that you give me to read for you.

Thank you with Peace and Love,

Disclaimer: Each client's spiritual palm reading is subject to the client's own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical or financial advice. You are responsible for your choices and actions.