About My Artwork

Because I mainly paint Landscapes, my paintings are primarily from locations in the colorful and beautiful state of New Hampshire where I was born. Living in or just visiting the New England areas, during my travels I have enjoyed taking many photographs from which I make paintings in the studio of landscapes, but, I also love painting from Life or Imagination or only on occasion now en plein aire.

Other than my two wonderful and grown sons, my cat, and family, my career in oil painting has been the love of my life for a great many years. My oil paintings would be classed as Expressionistic and Colorful. I am told my art work projects Peace.

These artworks are from ordinary, everyday areas that on most occasions, you would just pass by without noticing the beauty that I see there. I enjoy simplicity over decoration and love the wild and overgrown scenes. In fact, sometimes I talk about what urban sprawl is doing to this country! ( smile )

If you should have an interest in my art work, browse my website and if you see art work that you like enough to see it hanging in your home, office or special place, please do contact me for pricing. I would love to speak with you!

Thanks so much!

– Janice